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The Essential Guide to an Electric Boiler Installation

Did you know that electric boilers are cheaper than gas boilers? They are also a great alternative to heat homes efficiently and for those who are not connected to the main gas supply. Here at AllForProperty, our heating engineers have put together the ultimate electric boiler installation guide!

electric boiler installation guide

What is an Electric Boiler?

Electric boilers use electricity to provide you with heating and hot water. The hot water is held in a cylinder within the boiler or a bigger cylinder elsewhere on the property, but this is heavily dependent on the type of electric boiler you choose. 

Also, because of the restricted amount of hot water they can provide, they are better suited to smaller homes and flats than larger ones.

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Choosing the Right Location for Electric Boiler Installation

Selecting the ideal location for your electric boiler is a critical decision that can impact both its efficiency and longevity. Here are five key considerations when determining where to install your electric boiler:


Make sure the location of the electric boiler is convenient for maintenance and repairs. In the long run, having enough room surrounding the unit and unhindered access to vital components will simplify service tasks and save you time and money.


To dissipate heat and maintain safe operating conditions, electric boilers need adequate ventilation. It is imperative to install the unit in an area with adequate ventilation, preferably close to an external wall or equipped with exhaust facilities. Proper ventilation guarantees the installation's safety and helps avoid overheating.

Electrical Connections

The required electrical connections should be available at the location you have selected. Make sure there is a dedicated electrical circuit with the appropriate amperage and voltage. To avoid electrical hazards and guarantee proper boiler operation, proper electrical wiring is essential.

Water Supply

When choosing the installation location, take into account the availability of a dependable water supply nearby. The installation process will go more smoothly and effectively if the boiler's inlet and outlet pipes are easily accessible.

Local Regulations

Understand the building codes and regulations in your area, as they may specify the location of an electric boiler installation. Adherence to these regulations is imperative to steer clear of possible legal complications and guarantee the security and efficacy of your heating system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Selecting the ideal location for your electric boiler is a critical decision that can impact both its efficiency and longevity. Here are five key considerations when determining where to install your electric boiler:

What Electrical Requirements Are Needed for an Electric Boiler?

A dedicated electrical circuit with the appropriate voltage and amperage capacity is needed for electric boilers. To power the boiler safely, you must make sure your electrical system satisfies these requirements.

How much does a new electric boiler installation cost?

When it comes to boiler installation, numerous elements might affect the overall price. This includes where the unit is being placed, the type of boiler you choose, the size of the boiler, costs paid by the installer and whether you are looking to install an extra storage tank. Due to this, there isn't a specific price, here at AllForProperty, we are happy to give a free electric boiler installation quote

Do Electric Boilers Need Ventilation?

Indeed, adequate ventilation is necessary for electric boilers in order to dissipate heat and maintain safe operating conditions. Sufficient ventilation promotes safe operation and aids in the prevention of overheating.

Can I Install an Electric Boiler Anywhere in My Home?

Electric boilers can be installed in a variety of ways, but it's important to adhere to local building codes and regulations. Certain regions might have regulations that specify the location of the boiler installation.

What Maintenance Is Required After Electric Boiler Installation?

For electric boilers to operate safely and efficiently, regular maintenance is required. This includes making sure the thermostat and control system are operating properly, looking for leaks, and examining electrical connections. It is recommended that the boiler be professionally serviced once a year.

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