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Types of Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are a great alternative to gas boilers to provide you with heating and hot water. There are different types of electric boilers available and not all will be suited to meet your needs and requirements. In this blog, we go through the different types of boilers available or if you prefer to speak to our highly knowledgeable heating engineers instead, simply call us on 0121 4050404.

How do electric boilers work?

Before we go into the different types of boilers available, it is good to get an understanding on how electric boilers work. Electric boilers work very similarly to gas boilers, however, it runs an electric current through a heating element rather than burning gas to heat hot water, almost like how a kettle works but does not boiler the water.

types of electric boilers

What types of electric boilers are there? 

- Electric Combi Boilers

- Electric System Boilers 

- Electric Heat-Only Boilers

Electric Combi Boilers

This type of electric boiler heats water "on demand" for your showers, taps and radiators. Because they do not require a hot water storage tank, they are ideal for houses with limited space. Another advantage of this type of boiler is that they provide the ultimate control of temperature in your home. 

What's more is that they are the cheapest and easiest to install when compared to traditional or regular boilers. 

One main disadvantage of combi boilers is that due to the lack of storage tank, they take up more energy as it heats up water as you need it.

Electric System Boilers

System boilers include internal components instead of external ones like pumps and valves. As a result, they take up less room since they simply need a hot water tank. Instead of having to purchase a separate hot water cylinder, several manufacturers provide versions that already include one. If you have the room, these compact "all-in-one" boilers are designed to fit perfectly inside an airing cupboard.

Electic Heat-Only Boilers 

Heat-only boilers are similar to system boilers however they come along with a storage tank and immediately hear your radiators. This boiler is better suited for large sized homes which have a high demand for hot water.  The reason for this is because heat-only boilers are able to store hot water for you when you need it, unlike combi boilers which aren't able to heat water quickly enough.  

The only disadvantage of this type of boiler is that it requires more space when competed to a combi or a system boiler. This is mainly because it requires two tanks; a hot water tank and a cold water feed tank.  The hot water tank is usually stored in an airing cupboard and the cold water feed tan is often placed in the loft.

Who needs an electric boiler?

Traditional gas boilers may not be suited for all residences since they may not be linked to the National Grid, making electric boilers the perfect alternative. 

Electric boilers can also help reduce carbon emissisions as well as help save money on your energy bills, so if you are looking for ways to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, choosing an electric boiler can help. 

So, if you are looking to get an electric boiler for your home and are still unsure of which one to install, our qualifed heating engineers can help! We are highly experienced and rated highly by our customers. Simply head over to our gallery page or our reviews page to browse through our work or read through our customer reviews. 

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