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Electric Boilers Birmingham

Experienced Electric Boiler Repairs Birmingham

Providing first-class electric boiler services in Birmingham and nearby areas.

Allforproperty is a reputable company that delivers reliable boiler services in your local area. We take pride in our work and strive to provide customers with high-quality services. 

Our team is available for a wide range of boiler services throughout Birmingham. They’ve been expertly trained for electric boiler fittings, repairs and servicing. 

Contact us at 0121 405 0404 for electric boiler repairs, installations and servicing in Birmingham. You can speak directly with a professional who can answer any questions and even provide you with a free quote. 

Types of Electric Boilers Birmingham

Electric Combi Boilers

The electric combination boiler is one of the most common systems since it combines central heating and hot water in one unit. This allows you to set the desired temperature in your home freely. 

An electric combi system is a cheaper option than other boilers which makes it a fantastic option for smaller homes. 

Electric Regular Boilers 

A regular electric boiler is excellent for heating water and storing it until it’s ready to be used. These systems use electricity to operate but they can also be fueled by oil or gas. 

Regular electric boilers are a brilliant choice for large homes as they need extra space for running cold water tanks and hot water cylinders. 

Electric System Boilers

Electric system boilers come with a separate unvented cylinder that stores hot water and they are designed to meet high hot water demands. 

System boilers use electricity, gas, or oil for functioning and require a moderate amount of space for fitting. 

If you’re interested in an electric boiler installation, head over to our offers page. You can find some great deals on combination boiler packages that could save you some money. To get a better idea about the standard of work that we provide, head over to our gallery page

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Allforproperty is accessible all year round, whether you want electric boiler installations, electric boiler repairs or electric boiler services in Birmingham or a complete system installation. Please call us today at 0121 405 0404 and speak with a professional.

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