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Prevent your boilers from condensate backfill!

Ensuring that your heating systems and hot water systems are protected from harsh weather during the winter is very important. When heavy rain occurs, it causes the water backfilling via the condensate pipe which leads to your boiler overflowing. Here at AllForProperty, our heating engineers have come together and put together a list of things you can do to help prevent your boiler from condensate backfill! 

protect boiler from condensate backfill

How to prevent your boiler from condensate backfill

Prepare for the rain, not just the cold!

When compared to the impact of excessive cold, heavy rain can be worse and more expensive to fix if it damages your central heating system. A flooded boiler is beyond repair and even though you can thaw a frozen condensate pipe, it is essential to ensure you protect your central heating system not just from the cold but from the rain too. 

Keep it clean!

Keeping the gutters and downpipes clear is very important. The reason for this is that downpipes help move the rainwater away from your property and into a drainage system, often the gutter. When these become blocked, it causes water to flow back into your home's plumbing system. You can prevent this by making sure these are cleared and can also add a mesh to prevent any debris from entering the system. 

Add an external air break

In systems where the condensate pipe ends in a downpipe rather than the house's wastewater system, there is a higher risk of the downpipe becoming blocked. This then causes the water to backfill into the condensate pipe and, therefore, the boiler. 

 In order to prevent this, make sure to place an external air break to separate the condensate pipe's outlet from the downpipe. This will ensure water is not able to flow back into the condensate pipe even if the downpipe gets blocked. 

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