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What are the benefits of electric boilers?

An electric boiler generates hot water by using electricity rather than gas. It will heat the water that warms the radiators and water in your home, just like a gas boiler. Electric boilers can be utilised in off-grid homes or in places where gas isn't available or desired.

Our heating engineers install & replace electric boilers across Birmingham and the surrounding areas including Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Tamworth. So they know the benefits & drawbacks of electric boilers & have gone through them below!

Electric Boiler Benefits

The Benefits of Electric Boilers

 Quiet - Electric boilers are quite silent while they are in use. This is because electric boilers do not rely on moving elements within the boiler to generate heat. 

 Do not require gas - Over 2 million residences in the United Kingdom do not have access to a mains gas supply. Electric boilers are a fantastic way to heat homes that are off the grid or don't have access to mains gas. 

 Save Space - Electric boilers are small and compact, allowing them to be fitted in confined locations. Electric boilers do not require a flue or chimney because they do not use combustion fuel. Because there is no flue or gas pipe, they do not need to be mounted on an outside wall.

 Save money - Electric boilers have a high-efficiency rate, which means that nearly little energy is lost when power is converted to heat. As a result, you save money on your energy expenses vs using a regular boiler. In addition, an electric boiler requires less equipment to install, saving you money during the process. 

 Safe - Because an electric boiler does not require fuel, there are no risks of fuel leaks.

Drawbacks of Electric Boilers

  • Electricity costs - Due to the higher cost of electricity compared to gas, electric boilers are regarded as a little more expensive alternative to heat a home. But with rising gas costs this disadvantage is getting lessened year by year. 
  • Not suitable for large homes - At any given time, electric boilers can only heat a small amount of water. As a result, a traditional gas boiler may be more suited to a residence with a high demand for hot water. 
  • Power outages - If the power goes out, your boiler will not be able to operate, leaving you without hot water or heat.

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